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Leon betts üzerinde leona ! ite

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  1. I suggest to turn the glass down and uplug the two upper clips manualy with screwdriver. More safer way.

  2. Hello guys, I have a seat leon fr 2018 model and i want to change the mirror light indicator with a dynamic one that i found in market. So i have a problem bcs i tried to open the cover like you are, but is so stif and i think that i ll break it. I must put a lot of power to remove it? Thank you

  3. Can you do interior panels (dashboard) and around gearchanger ?

    1. No I cannot do that, Ive removed the mirrors because Ive wrapped this car

  4. Is the same way on seat Leon 2016 the same way you can remove them

  5. I wish it could be that easy! Mine wont come off. The upper part is good, but the the bottom clips wont release the cover. 🙁

    1. loosht Im glad to hear that, sometimes I brake car parts because I dont pull one time hard and I pull slowly fearing that I will brake it.

    2. @DFC Garage Finally Ive made it! It was so stiff but in the end it came off. In the first second Ive thought I just it broke it, because Ive heard a loud crack, but everything is fine. No mirror cover harmed. 😀

  6. Is it the same for audi tt mk3 restyling? I dont think….

    1. Remove The Glass and Take a Look inside, if The plastic tabs are similar is The same

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