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123 thoughts to “Bk leon site aynası mobil versiyonu”

  1. Um how do I empty the jar for the lizard? The person in this vid doesn’t have water in theirs

  2. I don’t get the thing with the birds 👍


    Edit 2: nevermind, I’ve got it

  3. im stuck on the owl stage- i keep trying to kill it and i cant turn the head right 😭

  4. Кому не спится и бессонница посмотрев это быстро уснёт. Серьёзно говорю.

  5. I like your games very much when are you going to make more mind blowing game so then we can have more fun on these

  6. Everybody – playing it normally
    me with the matches trying to light everything on fire –

  7. If i didnt try to stab and burn everything on the screen, this game wouldve cost me 1 hour instead of 2

  8. 21:24
    thats dev written on the watch in hindi?👁️👄👁️

  9. so.. what are the other two achievements that the video didnt show? how do we get them? meaning the shrimp and a window



  12. I’ve been trying on the owl part for abt 5 minutes now and even tho I’m doing the head thing right it won’t fly away 😭

  13. 19:18 what was the reasoning for that…how did he even get that…..

  14. I cant get the owl part to work:( Im doing it correctly too

    1. move it right, let go, move it to you, let go, move it left, let go, move it to you, let go, TURN it all the way to the back, but LET GO halfway there, boom.


  16. me: goes to youtube, goes back in the game, goes back to youtube again, goes to the game again

  17. Me which one only tried to kill everyone with knife: what

  18. Ive played every single Rusty Lake game and they are all epic. Rusty Lake makes the best puzzle games, hands down. Please keep making awesome games, Rusty Lake. I can never make it through an entire game without consulting a walkthrough but I do pretty dang good by my estimation. Tough stuff

  19. Thank you for playing Samsara Room! We hoped you enjoyed it! Feel free to leave a review/rating, this will mean a lot 🙂
    Need an extra hint or direct help? Please visit:

    1. @Liam Patrickthe developer was probably on acid or something when he developer this game.

    2. @Melody L I can’t get one, I’ve got the one from the owl, the one from the nest and the one from the dquirrel I just can’t get the last

    3. @Melody L I can’t get the feathers I’m crying help

  20. Me casually wondering where the knife and the hand that gave us the heart went- like.. we opened the clock and saw a petrified person whats to say what other mystery are to be found

  21. I’m convinced there’s no logic behind the phone bubbles

  22. Dude the owl wont break or what ever help😭✋ Ive tried it for like 10 minutes already

  23. Eu n tô conseguindo passar da fase do pepino e tô fazendo certo,acho que meu jogo bugou

  24. I was stuck on the first couple ones but I got the hang of it after but the darn bird one is messing me up badly 😭

  25. Amo este juego, es un dolor de cabeza increíble y el diseño, las pistas son fabulosas, pero necesito más, ese final me ha dejado flipando. No puede terminar así! Ayuda. (ू˃̣̣̣̣̣̣︿˂̣̣̣̣̣̣ ू)

  26. I am at the part of the owl and I cant get it done like what am I supposed to do I used an ad but I still cant.. And I am on mobile soo.. Any help people?

  27. When the stork puked the baby up my face went pale

  28. My sister is mad at me because I was watching this and called me a cheat like bro, Im not the one stuck on the 1st level🤣

  29. Me: nothing about Rusty Lake games is logical.

    Also Me: Hehe knife go stab.

  30. For me the owl wont go away 🙁

  31. I didnt understand how we found 4:15 by using weight scales and heart, fish, worm and 1 kg weight.

  32. Am I the only one that was disgusted when the dead body came out 😦😃

  33. Stork: eats a heart, fish, gecko, worm and throws up a baby
    Me: makes sense

  34. I put the water in the pot before the seed!! Noooo I don’t know what to do now.

  35. actually I really hate seeing walkthroughs.. let alone 1 solution left but this owl makes me very confused…. 20:26

  36. Kok jar di botol gua ada air nya ya gimana ngilangin nya?

  37. I couldnt get past the bird one after I did the sunflower… was stuck for ages

  38. Alguien español? Si es así que col hago después de qu la cigüeña se comiera todo eso y no me apareciera como una nuez en su garganta solo porque me salí del juego para ver que seguía,aiuda:)

    1. ¿Siguen jugando? Los ayudo, ya lo he terminado y necesito más. *crisis existencial*

    2. Hola yo hablo español pero no llegue a esa parte estoy en la parte que tenes una cabeza de pescado y hay una bacteria gigante como de 8 cm sabes que hacer ahi

  39. Who else is used this video t help them get through to the end then went back an played several more times to see if you could beat your own time getting to the end.

  40. The ending was so stupid the baby had nothing to do with the mirror man 🤦🏼‍♀️🤦🏼‍♀️🤷🏼‍♀️🤷🏼‍♀️

  41. Literally watching this video cuz I didn’t realize the second place is underwater and spent forever trying to find water for the seed

  42. I soft lockt the game twice i fed it to the bird now i cant finnish the game🥲

  43. I don’t understand the rule in 14:21. Can someone explane plz?

    1. click the odd one out,
      1. open mouth bird
      2. fat bird
      3. fat bird open mouth
      4. grey fat bird
      5. finger i think
      6. white bird
      7. white bird closed mouth
      8. white bird different pose
      9. boom ur done

  44. When i saw the end i didnt realized that i win believe it 😁😁😆👍✨🍥🦊🍜

  45. I dont understand how you got the evening time😭😭

  46. Im 1 hour trying to do the owl part, its exactly igual and it doesnt do anything

  47. At one point youre not playing the game youre following a tutorial

  48. If your jar is fill with water go to the flower pot and empty the jar there

  49. its embarrassing the amount of times I spell gentleman hi instead of enlighten me lmfao

  50. I finish everything by myself, the only wall is that I dont realize I can touch the sky :((. As soon as I saw you can touch the sky, I came back to the game and spend 30 mins to finish the rest.
    Really good game, but sometimes I feel I need to click randomly everywhere to ensure that I dont miss any place.

    Edit: some struggle but everything is fine, Ive already finished all of the Rusty Lake series, Ive also finished 2 first episodes of The Room and now heading to the third one.
    Edit2: Im proud to nearly finishing this Samsara by myself, I only manage to do this only 2 times ago: The 1st ep of The Room and the Rusty Lake .. I forget the name but it has a sub marine radar quiz.

  51. Лично как по мне, здесь очень много смысла

  52. Hello everyone Im not gonna give to many spoilers but you missed something, new players might not know but there is a secret level you can only get to through there Twitter and previous games!! To keep it short here: a guide to the search.

    Its not a scam I promise.
    Edit: I hope this is allowed…

    1. yes!! i think its allowed, but dw rusty lake prolly doesnt even check this anymore. gl to everyone trying to finish the game!

  53. i love this game, i love these mind-testing games, congratulations your game is the best i have ever seen i played all cube escape game collections and all the rest

  54. i was doing okay till it came to the scales part
    im trying to figure it out for HOURS, but i refuse to accept that i cant do it on my own

    i took notes of everything and finally realized that the : on the paper represent a clock and not a division
    holy moly I FIGURED IT OUT ON MY OWN
    I feel so freaking intelligent

    1. yes!! i figured it out on my 9-10th gameplay, its pretty simple if you use paper 🙂 i didnt use paper but i figured it, because the worm is zero, the heart is 4 (or 3, dont remember well), the gecko is 1, and the fish is 5! therefore its 4:15 or 3:15. gl to everyone ehe

  55. I love this game and thanks for the video but I never used the freaking weight and now feel so unsatisfied and incomplete because of that

  56. it it just me who can’t pop open that thing to get the seashell?? i’m on mobile so it’s really hard and i’ve been trying for a good 10 minutes LOL

  57. for some reason, I couldnt figure out the birds head! I dont know why

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